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Peanut Free Planet Summer Cooler and Ice Packs
Summer Cooler and Ice Packs
Our Price: $7.00

Coolers & Ice Packs keep products from melting for 2-3 days, depending on temperatures & conditions. We recommend that you select expedited shipping to locations more than 2 shipping days from our Indiana warehouse.  (Coolers & Ice Packs are NOT available for products drop-shipping directly from manufacturers)


When The Season is Hot, It's Ice Packs We've Got!
UPS and Postal drivers are Cool, but their trucks are NOT !

Remember, it may not be Hot where you live, but your treats ship from Indiana where summers are very hot and humid. Your package may also travel through Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas & other hot states. Use the following link to see what the temperature will be across the country from Peanut Free Planet to You!