Shipping Questions Answered

(by the official gurus on Peanut Free Planet)

Most orders received before 3pm may ship the same day during the winter months. During the summer months due to the heat, orders will usually ship only on a Monday, Tuesday or a Wends to prevent orders from sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend. We also time shipping to ensure delivery by Friday so that a customer's order is not sitting on their door step over the weekend if the customer in not home on Saturday. We will also monitor the temperatures and ship when they are low enough to ensure your order arrives in good condition. Even if you have ordered a cooler your order may be delayed in shipping if the temperatures are in the high 80's or above.

We ship via
FedEx Ground (residential and business), UPS Ground (residential and business), United States Postal Service Priority Mail (residential and business) and United States Postal Service(USPS) Express Overnight (residential and business). Our UPS Ground map is found below. It is a very good (not perfect!) indicator of shipping times for transit to your location via Ground delivery methods.

FedEx Home Delivery (residential) delivers Tuesday - Saturday.
FedEx Ground
(business) delivers Monday - Friday.
UPS Ground (Businesses and Homes) delivers Monday - Friday.

USPS Priority Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday, and usually takes 2-3 days.
USPS Express mail is delivered overnight to most, but not all, locations in the United States, and is, by far the least expensive, overnight shipping method.

Shipping outside the U.S.A.
Countries other than the U.S.A. may charge duties, taxes and fees for U.S. shipments that are sent to customers within that country. These charges are the total responsibility of the customer. Peanut Free Planet does not charge these fees, and does not benefit from these fees. The customer's country has the total responsibility of setting these fees and collecting them. Peanut Free Planet will not be responsible for any fees charged by foreign countries for orders. If the customer refuses delivery of their order because of the duties their country charges the package will be considered abandoned. No refund for the order or the cost to ship will be provided.

Shipping/Returns: We will gladly accept returns of products that have manufacturer's defects, have been damaged in shipping, or are post dated. We may ask that you return the product for inspection or send pictures of the product. We do not accept returns for melted items when a cooler has not been ordered, products that have been mistakenly ordered, products that the customer has now developed an allergy to, or products that were ordered that do not meet individual "taste preference". Most products can be ordered in singles so that a customer can try a product without needing to order larger numbers of them. Please be aware that some products may be Kosher but the packaging has not been changed yet to match the new certification. If this has occurred and you would like a copy of the Kosher certification because the package is not yet marked with the Kosher symbol please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy of the verification.

Q1: Can I pick up my order on Peanut Free Planet?

A: Orders are generally available for pickup 48 hours after they are received. We will call you to confirm that your order is ready. However, we encourage you to check your order status by logging in to your PFP account on-line or calling ahead to confirm that your order is ready before you pick up. Our Customer Service window is open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the summer. If you have a special pick up timeframe, please make a note in your order and we will do our best to accommodate.
Address: 15252 Stony Creek Way Suite #103, Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-219-3795

Directions To Peanut Free Planet

Q2: When will I receive my order?
At Peanut Free Planet we strive to ship all orders within 1 business day. Please look at the shipping map [above] to see the approximate number of days it will take for your package to arrive at your Earth location after it leaves Peanut Free Planet. Occasionally, we will have products on back-order. If we are expecting the item to arrive within 48 hours we will hold your order until we can ship the entire order. If the back-ordered item is not scheduled to be in our inventory within 48 hours, we will ship the in-stock item(s) only, and ship the back-ordered item(s) separately. You will not be charged for the second shipment.

We do offer United States Postal Service (USPS) Express shipping, Monday through Friday, which allows us to ship your package within 24 hours. There are select addresses where the USPS will not guarantee overnight delivery. Please check with your local post office if you are not sure if your address qualifies.

Q3: What should I do if my order is not delivered yet?
You can track the status of your order by logging into your Peanut Free Planet. From the Home Page, click [My Account] and under My Orders, click [Review Orders/track packages]. If you do not receive your package within 1 week, please notify us. Although rare, packages can sometimes enter the shipping Bermuda Triangle and become misdirected. The sooner you notify us that your order has not arrived, the sooner we can track it down or send a replacement.

Q4: Why did my order arrive later than usual?
In the summer months, our staff on Peanut Free Planet is constantly tracking the temperatures on Earth. We may adjust our shipping schedules if temperatures are high, to ensure that our products arrive at your Earth location in quality condition. If an order will not arrive at your doorstep by Friday, we will hold your order over the weekend and ship it on Monday so that your package will not spend the weekend in a hot shipping facility. If temperatures at your doorstep are extremely high, we may hold your package for a few days until the temperatures decrease.

Q5: What if I didn't I order a Summer Cooler?
We are not responsible for products affected by temperature due to the non-purchase of a cooler. However, if you do not order a Summer Cooler for your temperature-sensitive items, we may hold your package for a few days until cooler temperatures arrive. We will schedule an official, virtual dance on Peanut Free Planet to ask Mother Earth for cooler temperatures before sending your package to you.

Q6: How does my order arrive in such good condition?
The Packtastics on Peanut Free Planet take great care in packaging your items to protect them and ensure minimal movement or vibration in the shipping box. In order to achieve this, some items may be packed quite snuggly so that individual items do not tumble around during the journey to Earth. Although you are excited to dig into your Peanut Free Planet goodies, take care in pulling out each item. Quickly pulling items out of the shipping box may cause damage to your products.

Q7: What if my shipment is delivered in poor condition?
If your package arrives at your door and looks like the shipping Gremlins have danced on it, please refuse the package and contact us immediately. If you are not at home when it is delivered, contact us immediately and we will deal with the shipping Gremlins. A claim will be made with UPS for the package. We try to only make the claim with the actual business that delivered the package, it helps to avoid confusion. They will pick up the package, and they may contact you by phone to verify necessary information.

Q8. What if I don't want to surrender a damaged package to UPS?
Unfortunately we will not be able to give an In-Store Credit or a refund for your order if you have not surrendered the package to the courier. We completely understand how difficult it is to give up your PFP treats once they have arrived - but we want you to have the best quality products.

Q9. Why am I asked to take a picture of the products if they are damaged?
A. On Peanut Free Planet we take great pride in how we package your products. If something does not arrive in good condition, our Packtastics take it quite personally. After we schedule the specific packtastic for re-education in the wet noodle room, we have a meeting to discuss why the order did not arrive perfectly. Your pictures help show us exactly what happened and how we can ensure that it doesn't happen again. If a claim needs to be made, it also helps to have a picture of the damaged container (inside/outside) and contents.

Q10:What if I just opened the order I placed last month, and found that there was an issue?
Please check your order immediately upon receipt. We guarantee that the
best before dates are good for 30 days from the date of the order (unless otherwise stated in the PFP product description ~ and fyi - most retailers only guarantee 1 week shelf life). Additionally, we frequently offer limited quantities of seasonal products that cannot be replaced later. Therefore, we happily address and resolve product issues that are reported within 1 week of the original order date.

Q11. Why are some of my products in plastic zip bags? Is something wrong with them?
A. We have learned to be proactive on PFP. If there is a chance that a product bag will break, or a jar will leak, we will often put them in plastic zip bags to contain potential "mess" and protect your other products. (Did you know that the first plastic zip bag was made by a company called Minigrip in 1959? Neither did we!)

Q12: What is $8.99 Flat Rate Ground Shipping?
We will ship your order anywhere in the contiguous United States for $8.99 (this excludes Alaska, Hawaii and all other off-shore destinations). If your actual ground shipping rate is less than $8.99, please feel free to choose it. If your actual ground shipping rate is greater than $8.99, please feel free to choose the $8.99 Flat Rate Ground Shipping. Of course, any order over $100 ships free!

Q13: What happens if a product is expired?
Unfortunately sometimes something will slip by one of our Packtastics. Please call us or email us right away if this should occur. We will resend your product ASAP. We may ask that you either return the product, the product packaging with the expiration date and lot number, or send us a digital picture of the expiration date on the product. Please remember that we are retailer of products made by many manufacturers. Each manufacturer may use a unique way of marking the expiration date. Some methods include:
"Best Before" dates,
"Buy Before" dates,
"Sell By" dates,
"Produced On" dates,
Some do not provide any expiry dates ~ and some use a weird code that indicates a production date (you need a special PFP decoder ring to figure it out!). So please call us, or email us if you have any questions about the dates (or if you just want to complain about every manufacturer using a different system!). We have started a support group around this issue and we are always looking for new members.

Q14: Can I return a product if I am allergic to the ingredients?
Please check the ingredients on the products before you order (click on the picture of the product, which opens the Product Page containing the ingredient, nutrition and manufacturing information). If there has been a change in the ingredients that are not noted on the site, we will of course make an accommodation for you.

Q15: Can I return a product that has expired even though I purchased it 3 months ago?
Although this has been tried by a few customers, we can not accept returns for products that contained more than 30 days shelf life when you received it, but were not eaten fast enough before the product had expired.

Q16. Can I return a product that I already ate?
Although this has also been tried by a few, we are not accepting consumed items for return at this time.

Q17. 3 months ago I received the wrong product, ate it anyway, and just realized I got the wrong product. Can I get a replacement?
A. You absolutely can! All you have to do is order it again! What could be easier?

Q18. What if I received the product I ordered, but realize when I open the box that I ordered the wrong product?
We have all done this, and we have PFP Freelings standing by to provide support and empathy for your disappointment. Freelings have 3 opportunities to verify their order: 1st upon entering each item, 2nd-in the cart at check-out, 3rd in the email order confirmation. Because of the space-time continuum and the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Physics we are unable to make corrections for you once your order has shipped.

Q19. What if something is missing from my order?
Please contact us right away by email or phone. All sealed packages are weighed by a UPS system before they leave our facility. The weight in the system, should match your package, and our Packtastics often use these weights to ensure that orders are complete before leaving Peanut Free Planet. Sometimes (not often) a package will slip out and be missing an item. Please do not be offended if we ask about the products you received, or ask if there were extra items in your box. This information helps us determine if the shipping weight and the actual weight are the same.

Q20. What do you do with items that are expired or returned?
These items are donated to a food bank that we partner with. This food bank helps distribute allergy-friendly items to other food banks in the area to provide allergy-friendly items to those that need them.