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The term “Freeling” embodies everything that a caricature artist looks for in people. The word itself implies a free, fun loving nature that isn’t hindered by the confines of a food allergy or the challenges of everyday life. Acting as the visual designer of Peanut Free Planet and being a veteran caricature artist/cartoonist for nearly two decades, Nick Nix appreciates what being a Freeling is all about.
Drawing cartoon portraits at parties and other events for the past 18 years has given Nick the chance to have loads of fun as well as the opportunity to travel and meet oodles of interesting people. Having drawn literally thousands of faces Nick has found that one thing rings true; people everywhere enjoy a nice smile. Nick says finding that smile, that attribute of courage and joy brings out the Freeling in him. He loves what he does.
Now is your chance to have Nick draw the Freeling in you
or your special Freeling!
By sending a photo of you or someone close to you Nick can draw a fun caricature that makes a great gift and will sure to bring smiles.

After you place your order send the photo of the Freeling, or Freelings to If you would like more than 1 person in the drawing make sure to send either a group photo or individual photos
for everyone that will be in the drawing. 

The final product will be a high quality, 11x14 matte finish, acid free print.

Additional prints are available for $10 each.
A high resolution digital copy is available on CD for $35.

Simple backgrounds are included at no additional charge.
Want something more elaborate?  Include a description of what you would like in the comments section of your order and Nick will email you with the cost.