Freelings Speak!

Thank you so much for the very fast shipping as well as the extra goodies!  Not only is my son peanut/treenut allergic, but also autistic.  At 12, this rigid little boy is still eating what we like to refer to as the white food group – that would be white bread, white rice, white cheese, white French fries…  We think that part of the problem is that he had it drilled in him (and very rightfully so!) at a young age that all labels need checking and no, you are not allowed anything Aunt Barb gives you – you ended up in the ER last time!

 My point is this – Mark found your website and asked that we order an assortment if items of his choosing.  He is in the living room opening bags of very nutritious stuff without realizing it.  And now on to the goodie part that you shipped along – the tropical fruit snack is amazing and he is eating with full gusto – he has let his guard down from trying new things because he knows they are absolutely safe for him.  I hope he stays in this mood long enough to get past his realization that he has tried something new!  You have no idea how much food we have thrown away over the years as while he had wanted to buy it, he was terrified of trying it.

 Will be ordering again as soon as everything is tried, I have twittered your site in three separate tweets also touting your selection of gluten free, soy and egg free assortments.  So much better than shopping in the maze at whole foods – thank you again!


~Thank you for sharing your son’s story . . . it is an awesome gift for us, to know that our products help to broaden the life experiences of our friends with food allergies (lovingly called “Freelings” here on Peanut Free Planet). ~ Stacy

Hello, I would like to say I am very pleased to have found your company online. My 13 year old son Tyler has a peanut allergy and loves sweet treats every now and again. He was happy to see Kit Kat's made in a peanut free facility, so was I. Your selection of products is wonderful.

I placed my order on Monday morning. Shortly after I received a phone call from Brain, who kindly informed me there was an issue with something I had ordered, and it was being taken care of. I was impressed and pleased that I actually received a phone call explaining the situation. Thank you. My order arrived Wednesday, packaged nicely, full of goodies. I couldn't be more happy with your customer service. The only problem is that I didn't order enough! I will order from you again, and have spread the word to those I know. My son also thinks you all rock! Thank You, Kate

You people are wonderful!  Thank you for your kind wishes and thank you for all that you do to help support Food Allergy Families.  I especially like your approach and the humor that you use.  It helps deal with the issue.

Andrea Rybczynski
~Dear Andrea, Thanks for the great email!  We want all Freelings to remember they are a Freeling with an Allergy, not an Allergy with a Freeling inside!  Anything we can do to make things easier, more fun, more normal for our Freeling customers we definitely want to do! ~Heather

Peanut-Free Planet,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your timely service.  I placed my order on Monday, April 27th and it arrived Wednesday, April 29th -- even before I saw the shipment notification you emailed me! 
Keep up the great work!
Thanks again,
Laura Warda
mother of a peanut-allergic 8-yr. old

Awww, THANK YOU PEANUT FREE PLANET!!!  That was a tear jerker, but a beautiful sentiment!  God bless you all there and thank you for your hard work, care and concern, too!

Our order arrived today.  We haven’t eaten anything yet, but we already love it because our daughter was so pleased to receive the pencil and coloring page with the different allergic characters.  She says, “I am never sharpening this pencil, because I don’t want the words to come off.”  I love your new website and graphics too.  And I love free shipping!  We have only ordered from you once a while back, but we hope to be placing many more orders in the future now that you have so many items our dairy, peanut, and tree nut allergic family loves.

I was surprised to get such a beautiful e-mail from a business! Way to go! May God Bless You and Your Business.

ADORABLE email and GREAT news about the flat rate shipping.
Your emails are always so much fun to get.
Ellen Hoffman
Tree-nut Freeling (I can and do eat peanuts!) and your biggest fan